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Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports and why you should never sign on the dotted line without one

Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports

Australians have long had a love affair with real estate and buying property is for most, the biggest – and possibly the longest – financial commitment they will ever make. But there is one crucial step to take to ensure your purchase is as safe as houses: arranging a pre-purchase inspection to avoid shouldering the burden of costly defects and repairs.


What is a pre-purchase inspection report?

Buying a property is a big deal and it is easy to get so caught up in the excitement of imagining life in your new abode that you forget to look beyond the cosmetic details like the colour of the walls or the pretty décor. That is the purpose of a pre-purchase property inspection report – a written assessment of the property’s condition by a qualified inspector before you buy the property and enter into a long term financial commitment. The inspection report eliminates the stress of unwittingly discovering costly defects that would not be apparent to the untrained eye and definitely cannot be identified in a 15 minute open home – defects such as in the property’s structure, foundation, roof void or behind the walls.


Do I really need an inspection report?

Yes you do! Especially if you want peace of mind. Just as you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, you shouldn’t buy a house without checking its integrity. Without an inspection report, you run the risk of incurring the expensive cost of repairs so think of it as doing your due diligence.

A pre-purchase building inspection report is a comprehensive checklist of existing defects or problems like rising damp, cracking caused by movement or a leaky roof and even safety hazards. And if you think you can skip out on an inspection because you are buying a brand new home (what could possibly be defective?), think again. New does not mean flawless.

Because these issues are identified before you buy the property, you can use the report as leverage to negotiate a lower sale price and use the savings to pay for the repairs!


The 4 W’s of building inspections

Pre-purchase inspection reports by SJN Building Consultants comply with the Australian Standard (AS4349.1). We complete a thorough visual assessment of all accessible areas of the interior and exterior of the property from the ground up including the sub-floor right up to the roof void. Our written report is also backed by photographic evidence of any minor and major defects or problems.

We follow the 4 W’s to identify any problems: what is the problem, where is it located, why is it a problem and what can be done about it. The benefit of this method of inspection is that our report goes into greater detail about each defect and its severity and what course of action can be taken to rectify it. For those problems that are not insurmountable, you may be able to tackle the repair yourself. A pre-purchase inspection report by SJN Building Consultants gives you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.


Not all inspectors are created equally!

That property you are thinking of buying is likely the biggest investment you will ever make so it might surprise you to learn that the inspector you have chosen does not have to be qualified. Our inspectors are licensed builders who are skilled and experienced at detecting problems that don’t meet the Australian Building Code. We are also members of the Master Builders Association and the Australian Society of Building Consultants so you can be assured when you choose SJN Building Consultants, you are using the very best.