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Progress inspections are a critical component of your build and our team of specialists is on hand to carry out these vital inspections at key stages of construction. These inspections are designed to give you a degree of certainty that your builder is complying with all the necessary building codes and that the workmanship is of a high standard.

Our inspections start with the foundation of your home, the slab, followed by the wall and roof frames and lock-up stage where the quality of work is scrutinised before the walls and ceilings are covered with lining. Our final and all-important inspection will be carried out at the pre-handover stage before you receive the key to your new home. We will review defects and outline what remedial work is required.

At each of the key stages, our role is to inspect and evaluate the work when problems such as defects or non-compliance issues can be identified and rectified.

Our critical stage inspections are:

Stage 1 – Contract review
Stage 2 – Pre-slab
Stage 3 – Frame
Stage 4 – Pre-lining
Stage 5 – Kitchen and wet area completion
Stage 6 – Handover
Stage 7 – Post-completion