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In some circumstances when a dispute with a builder cannot be rectified personally or with the assistance of NSW Fair Trading, the matter can be heard by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT). We can provide support and assistance as the matter progresses to litigation with our comprehensive expert witness reports, including Scott schedules and quantum meruit reports to support your case. Our independent assessment is backed by a well drafted and unbiased written report.

Our consultants will assess the condition of the works at the centre of the dispute and formalise the findings in an expert report that can be used as evidence in a hearing. As well as outlining our formal qualifications and experience, our expert witness reports also summarise the facts of the case, whether the work is defective according to the relevant standards, the methods of rectification, and a cost estimate to remedy the defects or incomplete work.

We are experienced in providing independent and impartial expert advice and our expert witness reports comply with Court and Tribunal Codes of Conduct.
Scott schedule: If your unresolved dispute proceeds to the Tribunal, we can prepare a Scott schedule, a report that references and itemises the defective or incomplete works and the rectification costs for such works. Our consultants have the building expertise and technical knowledge to best prepare these reports and cost claims.

Quantum meruit reports: Courts can order that building contractors and sub-contractors are entitled to be paid by way of quantum meruit, which simply means “what the job is worth”. Such claims may arise from work completed as part of a variation not included in the original contract, if a contract is wrongfully terminated or if a contract didn’t exist. Our consultants are experienced in the writing of quantum meruit reports for parties seeking the recovery of damages. Acting as independent reviewers, our consultants conduct a full analysis and assessment of the works in dispute and compile a report on the merits of the claim for the Tribunal or the Court, which includes a cost estimate of the quantum of works.