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Got a new construction project in the pipeline? Hiring a project manager could be the difference between success and setback

Got a new construction project in the pipeline? Hiring a project manager could be the difference between success and setback

Building a new home or a commercial development can be daunting. Taking on the process yourself can be even more overwhelming. A project manager can help you navigate the process by overseeing the entire project from start to finish but – more importantly – delivering it on time and on budget.

What does a project manager do?

In a nutshell, a project manager will plan, organise and steer your build and deliver it to budget and deadline. If you think you can self-project manage, you’ve probably underestimated the task and you could risk your development finishing over budget and past deadline.

A project manager’s job is no small feat: they hire specialist consultants, deal with council and liaise with the builder. They organise permits and approvals, they prepare budgets and arrange tenders and they also manage correspondence, review progress, monitor the build for quality workmanship and carry out inspections along the way. In other words, a project manager will take the headache out of the process for you by handling every detail of the construction project and, crucially, identify any defects that need rectifying.

And handing over the reins to a trained professional who has done the job hundreds of times before and has an experienced eye means you don’t have to be on site or persistently on the other end of the phone line to the builder – you’re free to focus your attention on other things.

Why selecting the right person for the job is crucial

You know that saying “anyone can steer a ship but it takes a leader to chart the course”? The truth is, anyone can oversee a construction project – you might even think you can tackle the job yourself. But the process is complex, and you must be prepared to invest the time from start to finish.

Choose someone with experience in construction, who is qualified, has good communication skills and an eye for detail so they can identify your goals, deliver you value, keep your costs in check and deliver a successful project on time.

You need a qualified set of eyes and ears with the technical know-how on your side so the construction process goes smoothly and efficiently.

 Time, Cost, Quality: the dimensions of success

There are three important objectives of any project manager:

  • Time: Time management is critical – that is, managing the building timeline, keeping the construction timeframe on track and freeing you of the time needed to manage all of that. After all, time is money.
  • Cost: Managing the budget and avoiding blowouts without compromising quality is key. A good project manager will review your contracts for best value and ensure there are no sneaky exclusions that could cost you in the long run. And while on the subject of cost, the savings a qualified project manager would bring would far outweigh the cost of hiring them!
  • Quality: The rationale of having a project manager is to guarantee quality workmanship at every stage of your build. They will ensure construction is of the highest standard, carry out critical inspections and report any defects or issues.

Partner with our project managers for a smooth construction ride

SJN Building Consultants has relieved the construction stress for numerous residential and commercial clients by project managing their development from the design stage through to construction – and always finishing on time, without sacrificing quality. They have also saved them these clients from a lot grief by carrying out regular inspections to identify and rectify defects and expose any non-compliant work.

Let us set you up for success and oversee your next construction project.