Serenity Apartments

We are pleased to announce that SJN Building Consultants has just completed the final handover reports for Serenity Apartments in the heart of Ashfield!
This inspection and report allowed the developer to have a smooth handover process and receive the completed building!
Our scope included defect identification and reporting on:
– All facades and external areas;
– 2 Basement levels;
– Ground floor retail;
– 4 Plant rooms;
– 45 Apartments;
– 2 Rooftop terraces
– 3 Elevators,
– 5 Fire stairs;
– 18 Water meter cupboards;
– 18 Gas meter cupboards;
– 18 Electrical cupboards;
– 18 Garbage chutes; and
– 18 Recycle rooms.

Inspection completed in one week and reports issued in 3 weeks!

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